Augmenting Growth in the Utilities & Telecom Sector Transforming Engineering Services through Digital Enablement

Augmenting Growth in the Utilities & Telecom Sector Transforming Engineering Services through Digital Enablement

ARUSI wanted us to create a solid NetSuite Reporting Foundation. This system had to integrate well with their existing systems, making it simple to track project progress, calculate job costs accurately, and provide in-depth financial reports. They sought a more efficient way to make decisions and manage projects. They chose to work with Cooperative Computing to solve these key issues listed below. 

Key Issues to Solve

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

Integrating with the client’s existing systems was tricky. There were challenges like mismatched data structures, software not working well together, and keeping processes in sync. To make the changeover smooth and trouble-free, we had to analyze everything closely, map out the data carefully, and carry out the plan precisely.

Inefficient Processes

The current systems and methods were old and inefficient. Different parts of the organization couldn’t easily share or use information because they were not integrated. This problem made it hard to use data to get better results and reduce process errors. It also wasted time and resources that could have been used more effectively.  

Disparate Data Sources

Departments not working together led to data being kept apart. This data was spread throughout the organization, making it tough for managers to collect and analyze it properly. This situation hurt how efficiently the company worked, made decisions, and dealt with clients. Without a complete view of its operations and crucial data, the company struggled to unable to grasp a holistic view of its operations and key metrics.

Lack of Automation 

Another pressing challenge was the lack of automation in the processes. Most of the client’s key resources and time were drained in doing tasks that were repetitive and were prone to human errors. Processes were delayed and overall service delivery was affected negatively. 

Accurate Job Costing Implementation 

Setting up a system to precisely track project costs was another challenge. We needed to find the right balance between detail and ease of use, especially with the unique aspects of each project. This required careful planning and flexible models for tracking costs. 

User-Friendly Financial Reporting Tools 

Creating detailed financial reporting tools to understand financial health meant dealing with complex financial data gathering and analysis. It was also important to balance advanced analysis with making the tools easy for people to use. This was a big challenge. 

ARUSI’s leaders wanted to address the issues slowing the company down. They aimed to improve how their processes worked and introduce a NetSuite Reporting Foundation to support managing projects effectively. This would help them grow faster in the automated economy. They needed a digital enablement strategy made just for them to help combine processes, automate tasks, and fix data issues. This would lead to better decision-making based on data and more accurate reporting. This is how Cooperative Computing stepped in to help. 

First, the digital maturity of the organization is improved to adapt to key digital enablement initiatives. This helped the client in integrating and automating key processes to improve efficiency. Resolved data disparity and enhanced data-driven culture across the organization. 

Next, we developed a strong NetSuite Reporting Foundation. We did this by creating custom integrations that connected the platform with the client’s current systems. This allowed data to move smoothly and processes to stay in sync. We also put together a custom system for tracking progress that perfectly matched the client’s way of managing projects. This let stakeholders see how projects were doing in real-time. Additionally, we made flexible models for assigning resources. These models met the varied needs of different projects and allowed for precise cost estimates based on how resources and time were used. Lastly, we built custom financial reporting tools. These tools brought together all the financial information related to projects, giving a clear picture of each project’s profitability and overall financial health. 

By helping in these areas, ARUSI was able to become digitally enabled, improving its operational efficiency and data-driven ability to grow and accelerate into the automated economy. 

ARUSI’s Digital Integration for Seamless Operations 


Source: Arusi 

How ARUSI’s Leadership Reacted After Completing The Digital Enablement Journey 

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding work your team has done. You have truly exceeded our expectations, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.? 

Throughout our collaboration, your availability and resourcefulness have been exceptional. You were always there when we needed you, providing prompt responses, valuable insights, and innovative solutions. Your team’s dedication and willingness to go above and beyond have made this experience truly remarkable.? 

We are also impressed by the high level of creativity demonstrated throughout the project. Your ability to think outside the box and bring fresh ideas to the table has added a unique dimension to our brand. ? 

Working with your team has been an absolute pleasure, and we are confident that this partnership will continue to yield great success.?

By becoming digitally enabled, ARUSI achieved these results 

Enhanced Project Visibility 

The implemented system provided real-time project progress updates, leading to enhanced visibility and improved transparency fostering more informed decision-making and facilitating proactive intervention when necessary. 

Cost Control & Operational Efficiency 

The accurate job costing mechanism ensured that project costs were meticulously tracked while streamlined data exchange between systems reduced manual data entry and potential errors. 

Data-Driven Decision Making 

The financial reporting tools offered comprehensive insights into project profitability and financial health. This data-driven approach empowered the client to make informed decisions that drive business growth and success. 

The implemented solutions were designed to be scalable, positioning us to accommodate future growth, evolving project management needs, and technological advancements. 

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