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Front/Back-Office Automation

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Our team will design and deploy your front office salesforce automation tools and integrate them with your back office supply chain management, financial management, service management and messaging systems automating the flow of data between your business and your customers.

Define your core business processes

Every business has critical processes that enable their product and services to be sold, delivered and serviced, our team will map these core processes to their business systems and ensure key service metrics and data integrity measures are defined, documented and implemented.

Develop your service catalog

Our team, equipped with the defined core business processes will develop the key services catalog that defines which users must be enabled in which applications and what roles and data access will be enabled for these users within these systems. This service catalog will be utilized in integration automation.

Deploy and Integrate front/back-office systems

Utilizing the service catalog our team will develop key integrations that enable your customers to have access to real-time information and interact with your company and its organizations in a more meaningful fashion. In addition, these integrations will permit back office data flow and user access to be simplified and automated to improve the service to your customers.