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Web and Mobile Application Audit

Business Consultancy

Sometimes you need to take your applications to the next level, build on what has created the most value, and to do this you need a new perspective. Our team has developed a solution offering that permits us to review your current web and mobile applications and deliver defined recommendations and help execute these as needed.

Analyze the code

Our team utilizes best practice analyzers for PHP, Ruby, Python, and .NET, Apple iOS, Google Andriod and Windows Phone. Utilizing these tools we will report on critical and non-critical application code changes defined by classification. Classifications include, usability, security, and performance. Criticality is scored on a 1 (low) 5 (Urgent) bases by classification and quickly allows your team to see issues quickly and concisely.

Report on the outcomes

Our team will generate a report detailing the finding and the recommended changes. These changes may reflect multiple components of the application and may require design sessions for final definitions. These design sessions will be coordinated with your teams activity load during the “Analyze the code” follow up.

Develop and deploy the changes

While we review the detailed report with your team we will ensure who is accountable to get results and correct issues ensuring that we can be responsive to meet your team's needs quickly getting you the results you need.