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Planning and Scoping

Business Consultancy

Only design and engineering tasks are more important than the development planning and scoping. To facility the need for constant change during most development projects, our team utilizes the agile development framework. Each key function of the design, development, testing and deployment will be itemized out within our planning tools to ensure it can be properly tracked and communicated throughout the development lifecycle.

Organize the activities

Our program managers understand what activities can be done in parallel and where dependencies will exist. Our team will integrate the activities to ensure that total work effort and time to deployment is minimized. This is a learned art and our team has years of experience across complex and sophisticated web and mobile application projects enabling them to limit development waste.

Align the teams

It is essential that the web and mobile teams are coordinated and are constantly realigning as the project continues. This is handled through daily “scrums” to review what has been accomplished and what the target is for the day. Issues are resolved and tough problems worked out rapidly when teams are realigning daily during the project.

Communicate constantly

The program managers pride themselves in keeping our clients informed and ensuring that all stakeholders are engaged at the desired level. Multiple means of communication can be incorporated but our collaboration portal is essential to making certain it is all in one place.