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Application Development

Business Consultancy

The art of creating a “system” that can be saleable, secure, and ready for the future comes from a team who can see around corners, who can imagine and do what no one else has seen. This activity is where true genius is put to work and amazing creations can occur.

Web application development

Our teams have developed sophisticated tools and processes for coding PHP, .NET, Ruby, and Java Applications. Key frameworks such as Laravel, Rails and django enable us to maintain code consistency and clean documentation. The use of advanced development library integrations such as ExtJS, AngularJS, jQuery, node.js and backbone.js among others enable us to deliver extremely fast and efficient web applications.

Data systems development

Our data application teams maintain extensive training and have years of experience in data element, data taxonomy and data systems design and development. Ensuring a proper selection of data management technologies such as Cassandra, mongoDB, hadoop, MS SQL, MySQL and equivalent relational and non-relational systems are just the beginning of the exercise. Proper design and implementation of how data will be interrogated, related and presented is critical to ensuring a secure and high performance application. Our team’s skills will make this happen regardless of application size or complexity.

Mobile application development

Our Apple iOS and Google Andriod teams have developed extensive libraries and tools that are applied using well exercised mobile development methodologies. Our extensive experience utilizing phonegap and/or QT has allowed us to develop cross mobile device applications at a wicked pace with extremely elegant user experiences.