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Application Delivery

Business Consultancy

Our team has perfected the art of continuous deployment. The ability to take a concept from design, to development and into production swiftly and make iterative changes lets our clients apply concepts and change key components based on customer feedback.

Test Driven Development

To achieve 99% error free code it is essential that a strict adherence to test driven development is implemented within an organization. Writing the tests for each section of the code and then ensuring these tests properly complete upon build ensures that release automation can occur with stellar results. Our rigorous adherence to full code coverage enables us to be confident in creating “unbreakable” code.

Continuous Integration

Enabling rapid prototyping and customer-focused enhancements to your application require that changes can be coded and deployed in hours or days not months and years. Our use of continuous integration methodologies ensures that your application is ready for deployment at any moment throughout the development day.

Automated / Reflective QA

Quality assurance should be focused on identifying usability flaws, spelling and grammar errors, graphical changes and simplifying the user experience. With test and behavior driven development in place our QA teams focus on each of these components with a passion and intensity for creating a great user experience.