Why Your Business Needs to Shift On The Cloud

Cloud is the latest data transfer and storage technology in the market that has become the superior platform for data management. This is one of the many reasons why the use of cloud technology among the best custom application development companies is increasing rapidly. In the next few lines, you will read some of the unmatchable advantages of having your application on the cloud.

Shifting on the Cloud:

The way all the data on the internet is now moving to the cloud, you should develop your app on the cloud before you have to hit the panic button to go to the cloud. According to the Ciscos Global Cloud Index, the business traffic at the cloud IP is growing at the rate of 27% and will increase more till 2018. The cloud technology is working as glue to the emerging digital enterprise model and holding it firmly. That’s why having the app on the cloud today is like the insurance of your future in the application industry.

Save Bang for the Buck:

The cloud technology is a great way to reduce the cost of application development whether you are using IAAS(infrastructure as a service) or PAAS(platform as a service). Different aspects save your hefty amount of money while developing an app. In the IaaS, the savings comes from the virtualization of infrastructure because less equipment is required to maintain the site in cloud technology. Besides, you can manage and monitor your app better likewise.

And if your app is PaaS based, then you get additional money-saving benefits because at the cloud you doesn’t need anti-virus software, patches and hardware updates to maintain your app. Also give you incredibly seamless scalability.

Reducing the Development Time:

Because the tools and technologies that I mentioned above are not required in cloud technology, it massively reduces the time of app development. In a survey conducted in 2014, developing an app from the top app development companies saves time at an average of 11.6%. In the same report, it was mentioned that this percentage is likely to increase in the near future and cloud technology has a potential to reduce the development time by 50%.

Cloud covers all:

Users want apps regardless of what device they are using. Cloud is the best choice among all for developing an app which has the mobility to function on every device. This benefit is making cloud the first choice of almost every developer because it saves them from the uncountable bugs and errors that they always face while making app responsive to every screen.

Low Risk, High Return:

Cloud technology due to its unique infrastructure reduces risks for the users. Because cloud has more ability to save data at many locations with multiple copies that minimize the risk of losing any of your data as compared to the traditional hosting models.

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