Transforming Possibilities Through Innovation for Blood Centers

Degree37 stands apart in the fight against blood shortages, by harnessing technology and fostering community engagement. They streamline communication between blood centers and potential donors to empower a culture of regular blood donations. Through innovative technology solutions, strategic partnerships, and organized blood drives, Degree37 is transforming the blood donation landscape, ensuring a more sustainable and efficient solution for this vital healthcare sector. 

Degree37 was pursuing growth by using unique methods to reach and engage Millennial and Gen-X blood donors. They wanted to make the donor experience better in new and surprising ways. To do this, they partnered with Cooperative Computing, focusing on solving the key problems listed below.

Non-Integrated Legacy Systems

Degree37 was stuck using old technology that could not meet today’s donor engagement needs. These outdated systems made it hard to give donors a smooth and integrated experience. This resulted in disconnected processes and a poor journey for donors. Because these systems did not work well together, data was siloed, workflows were disrupted, and overall efficiency suffered. 

Growth Bottlenecks

The client struggled to grow its donor base, especially with younger people like Millennials and Gen-Xers. Traditional ways of engaging donors did not appeal to these tech-savvy groups. This gap reduced Degree37’s reach and made its efforts less effective. It blocked growth and made it hard for the enterprise to connect with important potential donors. 

Lack of Automation

Degree37’s processes were filled with manual tasks that took a lot of time and often led to mistakes. Lack of automation in key areas like signing up donors, booking appointments, and sending follow-ups, led to inefficient operational capacity of the enterprise. Relying on these manual methods not only made things slower but also raised the chance of errors. This could upset donors and hurt the company’s reputation. 

Non-Unified Customer Data Profiles

Degree37 had a big problem with scattered donor information. Without a clear view of all donor data, it was hard for them to connect with and understand their donors. This disintegration led to missed opportunities for personalization. The lack of a holistic view of donors’ history, preferences, and ways of engagement, management was unable to use targeted strategies to improve donor retention and deepen relationships. 

Engaging Cooperative Computing

Degree37’s leadership team was ready to take on challenges. They wanted to make their operations more efficient and improve the donor experience to accelerate growth in the automated economy. They planned a digital enablement strategy to integrate automation and advanced digital platforms to make donor engagements and their work processes smoother. This is how Cooperative Computing helped them. 

First, the digital maturity of Degree37 was assessed, with a strategy to improve it. The digital strategy enhanced the enterprise’s agility and ability to transform the blood donor industry through digital enablement. 

Then, we created a comprehensive Donor Engagement Platform (DEP). This platform was the result of our technical expertise, effective communication, detailed planning, and adaptability. This helped us ensure process efficiency throughout the project’s lifecycle. 

By helping in these areas, Degree37 was able to become digitally enabled growing its donor engagement platform and accelerating into the automated economy. 

Donor Engagement Platform

We are thrilled with the transformative impact of the Donor Engagement Platform (DEP) on our organization. Cooperative Computing understood our needs and challenges, seamlessly integrating systems to enhance donor interactions. Their effective management of time zone differences ensured timely, relevant communications for our global donor base. The team’s skill, attention to detail, and dedication exceeded our expectations, and we highly recommend them to any organization seeking digital innovation. CEO, Degree37

Through their collaboration with Cooperative Computing, Degree37 achieved significant breakthroughs in several key areas. 

Improved Donor Engagement

The DEP introduced engaging content and personalized interactions, making it easier for blood banks and donation centers to captivate donors’ attention. This helped build stronger connections between donors and the enterprise. 

Operational Efficiency

By integrating disparate systems, processes were streamlined. This reduced the need for manual work, reduced errors, and enhanced the management of donor data and events. 

Personalized Donor Experience

With the help of data-driven insights, Degree37 was able to offer a personalized experience to each donor, enhancing donor satisfaction and engagement. 

The Donor Engagement Platform was a big success. It changed how Degree37 engaged with donors, increased donations, and paved the way for sustained growth

Ready to embark on your digital journey? Cooperative Computing is already helping great enterprises achieve exponential growth through digitalization. Reach out for personalized consultation and further information. Let’s shape your digital future together. 

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