Top 4 trends in Database Management today

Top 4 trends in Database Management today

When we talk about Database management, it is safe to say that trends don’t have that big of an impact. In fact, trends cater a small amount of time when it comes to Database Management but only few actually have the power to stay for good.

So, what are the current trends in the world of database management services? Well, there are quite a few but the following four seem to have top the list. Let’s have a look at what they are below:

Bridging Databases (SQL/NOSQL)

This is perhaps the most happening databases in the world of database management services as it correlates both SQL and NOSQL capabilities on a single platform. One of the many reasons why it topped the list in this blog is because it is currently shifting boundaries and is one of the most requested trend by most of the clients. A relational database like this gives you the capability gives users capabilities provided by both.

Cloud Based Databases

This is perhaps something that is changing the world completely. As cloud based services start to shoot to the stars, database engineers have started to shift their services on a cloud platform as well. That’s right! Cloud database management is a thing now and it is continuing to impress audiences from around the world.

According to Barron Schwartz, DBaaS rise is well-timed. As technology presses forward, the tech world is only collecting more and more data. Smart, efficient database technologies have become critical for companies of all types and sizes. As a service that can streamline operations and reduce redundancies, it can help ease their customer’s load, so they can focus on what matters most to them their products.

Automated database management

Automated database management is perhaps one of the most unique trends that steps up on the list. These database management can automatically handle a bunch of tasks such as maintenance, provisioning and even patching. Applying updates is an automated process as well. While this trend is useful for now, it isn’t a trend that has the capability to become a powerful trend that would solidify its presence.

Data Security Enforcement

Data Security Enforcement is in fact not a direct trend for database management, but it plays an important role in database management. However, you can call it a trend as database management services from around the world are readily shifting to strict data security all at once. Hence becoming a trend that is roaming the industry.