Software Development companies in US prefer CakePHP over ZEND

Software industry is more rapidly evolving than any industry in the world at this hour. This robust evolution has brought forth a number of working mechanisms too. There are several PHP frameworks in market even and software developers usually fall prey to the dilemma of which framework to learn next. We have also dig out on this and concluded that the latest trends suggest software development companies in US prefer CakePHP over ZEND.

It must be quite a surprise, isn’t it?

But, the reasons are just too clear and concrete to explain the statistics.

ZEND framework has although been in the software world for a far greater period than CakePHP but innovation and effortlessness, here, is the key.

ZEND has been at its peak during summer of 2009 and its overall graph is much higher that CakePHP’s but it has steeply decline over the last 2 to 3 years.

CakePHP although has an overall graph lower than that of ZEND but both were at par till 2014 and now CakePHP takes the lead.

So what is so popular among software development companies in US that put CakePHP in lead?

Actually, CakePHP is a cohesive framework and enjoys a vast community of those who use or contribute to it. This framework is quite flexible. It enables innovation but at the same time facilitates the developers who are a tad slow at it.

Software development companies in the US deem modular approach, speed and documentation primarily but there’s more to it than that. CakePHP definitely offers more than conventional frameworks and goes beyond the modular approach, speed and documentation.

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