Software development and its scope in USA

Software development and its scope in USA

The creation and maintenance of applications and frameworks through computer programming, documentation, testing and debugging, involved in a software release cycle which consequently gives a software product, is called software development.


There are several purposes for which software is needed. It could be as per the requirements of a client or for personal ease of working as for instance a professor at university develops software for storing students GPA. It could also be to target a particular prototype of users such as the ones using social networking sites Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Nowadays, software development is something every other company might resort to whether it is a pharmaceutical company or perhaps a medical laboratory. Particular software for indigenous purposes has become mandatory as computers have replaced manual records stored in a stack of files.

Having said that, it is almost unnecessary to press upon how bright a scope software development has in USA. If one has job title as Lead software development engineer, the average salary scale for that person in USA would be between $73k to $145k per year if a conservative estimate of bonuses is $19k and for some cases we include profit sharing up to $25k.

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As the world has seen evolution of manual operations into computers and still witnesses the improvisations of computers into smaller, faster and more user-friendly versions, software development has been on a revolutionary course also. A good software engineer with exceptionally well aptitude at writing codes is expected to succeed by leaps and bounds in present USA; a USA that is governed by computers.