Are you faced with the challenge of choosing the correct platform for your internet business? Nowadays, we have three great choices: Magento, PrestaShop, and OpenCart internet business solutions. In choosing what the correct platform for our business is, we have to consider its features. Observe each element and choose what will work best and help you achieve your business goals.

Describing Magento, OpenCart, and PrestaShop


Magento is considered as the leader among the web-based business shipping truck frameworks. It has the more extensive scope of features and instruments for customization of your online store. It guarantees better SEO picks up for advancement and advertising. It permits different installment and transportation choices. A large portion of enormous organizations picks Magento in light of the fact that it fits their business requirements.

Magento is considered an expensive online shop solution with its intensive server resource. Magento Community version is offered free. In any case, its Enterprise permit goes up for about $12990 yearly. Web designers are by and large paid for about $60 up to $150 every hour, basing from their experience and capability. Be that as it may, it’s worth it since you will have a rich element platform.

Online businessmen discover Magento stores with outstanding adaptability which enables them to direct and control its appearance. It has a unique substance and functions. It prides itself on its strong showcasing, SEO, and list devices where online business people can create customized sites to their unique requirements.

Magento keeps running as the open-source framework.


PrestaShop is an open-source program with numerous features for online store customization, usability, a lot of SEO benefits, gives investigation and revealing, and some more. It generally caters from little to medium-sized organizations. Although its basic program is offered free, and in the event that you need more functions and features, they have modules which you can purchase. PrestaShop may not be as renowned as Magento on the grounds that there are a handful of web shops with this software. It guarantees that it loads better, even with slower connections, which is attributed to being the little-sized community.


OpenCart is another open source framework which has the easiest procedure to set up. You can without much of a stretch introduce, make your layout, put your items in, and you are prepared to acknowledge online customers’ requests. It has great request system and numerous inherent installment alternatives. Be that as it may, it is hard to construct a new custom data page, as in the event that you require a contact shape. It doesn’t have management features like CMS.

Benefits from Magento, PrestaShop, and OpenCart Magento


Magento enables its online dealers to control its features, similar to you can adjust its substance, interface, and how it works. Magento was worked for convenience features for SEO and it can be utilized as an inventory management instrument. It was established in 2001 and picking up an association with eBay, Magento’s framework turns out to be stronger and more grounded. It gives its online shoppers a wide range of modules, extensions, and features. Numerous are content with its specialized administrations and considered as the best in the business.

Magento is perfect for proficient web shops and for the individuals who are intrigued to work web shops on a full-time premise or run a partially online association. It is supported by Varien’s system and was worked for completely versatile. It has its renowned Enterprise Edition that helps online traders or web bosses to build its business incomes. It has compelling devices that assistance in drawing more activity, better change rates, online customers’ connection, and fulfill and hold clients.


PrestaShop was established in 2007 and was made to provide food little to medium-sized businesses to achieve online permeability. Although its basic set-up is for nothing, extra features like formats, subjects, and modules can be purchased on a specific expense. Although the framework is accessible in 40 dialects, PrestaShop totally supports French and English. It doesn’t have any support group, however, there are a ton of engineers and clients that you can discover in its gatherings.

PrestaShop works best with lesser requirements aside from the Linux, PP5.2, UNIX, MySQL, or Windows working framework. This open-source internet business arrangement underwrites installment plans like PayPal, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net, DirecPay, and Skrill. It is known to have more than 250 features and in excess of 1000 additional items for web-based business exercises. It has in excess of 310 implicit features, for example, adjustable layouts, layered route, investigation and detailing, multi-store management framework, all currencies, and advancement approaches. Prestashop is perfect for store proprietors, ventures, and designers.


Opencart is an open-source “out-of-the-case” web-based business arrangement. This PHP-based program permits its online traders to make their own particular plan and expand its functions with extensions at sensible expenses. It is made for usability, appealing interface, and web search tool well disposed.

OpenCart is completely adaptable and it enables you to assemble boundless classifications, subsequently, offer boundless items. It supports numerous sorts of currencies and uses different dialects. It offers in excess of 20 installment alternatives and 8 shipping choices. Clients and guests can audit and rate the items that you are offering.

While we have laid the best of the three internet business solutions, we will give you the downsides to give you reasonable data. Obviously, an ultimate choice is yours as the business visionary. Our part is to give the adequate and reasonable data to direct you on your significant choices.

Evaluating its Downsides


  • There are less experienced Magento engineers. There are three noteworthy zones that are not to be imperiled with regards to web creating: plan, server-side programming, and customer side programming. It is hard to discover these territories on a single rooftop.
  • Magento needs an accomplished and solid store management and facilitating setting. There are a few issues with respect to Magento’s speed execution. In all actuality, when Magento is improperly facilitated and constructed, it will perform gravely. On the off chance that you need Magento to play out its best, you have to contribute on the great server and a dependable and experienced web engineer office to assemble its server and oversee it.


  • Customers’ surveys avow that PrestaShop needs support and help for clients’ inquiries and concerns.
  • PrestaShop needs modules to be completely practical as a webshop. Modules are imperative for the website to be operational or utilitarian.
  • It needs adaptability. Prestashop works best with little online stores however you may have a few issues when you run out and out with your business. It doesn’t have multi-UI.


  • Difficulty in utilizing its implicit SEO/SEF functions. In this manner, designers tend to discover other elective like utilizing an outsider additional items or cutting its center SEO functions.
  • Search motor questions depend on Javascript.

What is your choice?

Magento is awesome for online dealers who need finish control on altering their webshop. Greater organizations or the individuals who plan to develop speedier will discover the functions and features of Magento an extraordinary choice. Its rich-highlight software includes:

  • SEO
  • Product proposal instruments like evaluations and audits
  • Customer division
  • Targeting advancement and merchandising
  • Multiple installment plans and delivering choices

PrestaShop is useful for those you don’t have to put much time into creating their webshop. Independent companies or the individuals who are not hoping to develop quickly, PrestaShop is their bet. Its best features are:

  • Site management
  • Analytics and detailing
  • Payments and transportation
  • SEO

OpenCart is perfect for little to medium size businesses and the individuals who are searching for an all-around coded and quick stacking choice for setting up and running. Its features are useful for the individuals who are setting up their online nearness:

  • SEO
  • Product evaluations and surveys
  • Backup and reestablish instruments
  • Sales reports and blunder logging

We trust that we have given you a superior photo of the three celebrated online business solutions for your business. We are not recommending choosing the best, but rather deciding on the arrangement that is ideal for your business. What might be best for a few businesses may not be the best for your business? Pick a web-based business arrangement that will reply to your business requirements.

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