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iPhone Vs Android: Which is better for your Business?

iPhone Vs Android – the smartphone war that has been going for ages. Android holds the most significant share with an 86.2% expected market share in 2022, leaving 13.8% for iOS. 

A decade-old competition has many similarities but enough differences that businesses must ask themselves, “Which is better: iOS or Android?” 

It’s impossible to announce one operating system as a winner, given that both brands have loyal fanbases. The comparison will, therefore, be broken down into security, cost, and software, which will help you decide which one—Android or iPhone—is the right fit for your business.

The Comparative Analysis Of iPhone Vs Android

Which Platform Offers Better Hardware? 

In the initial stages of development, the hardware designs for both Google and Apple were as creative as their enterprises, with iPhone more towards sleek design while the Android towards a functionality-driven look.

Currently, however, most of the phones look identical, other than some flashy outliers. Once upon a time, small smartphones were leading the way. But now, phones come up with a 6-inch display screen: no more small screens and more high-definition screens. 

You don’t need to choose between a large screen size or longer battery life. The recent phones offer long-lasting batteries thanks to 2,000 milliamp-hours (mAh) and up.

If you want bells and whistles on your phone, go for a flagship phone, maybe Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, which was 4GB of RAM, a 3,500-mAh battery, and an iOS 13 operating system. 

If you are from the Android camp, it is best to pick from a flagship phone. Buy Pixel 4 XL, it’s a better option. It has an Android 10 operating system with 6GB of RAM, two cameras, and a 3,700-mAh battery. 

Android phones have the ability to increase their storage capacity more than iPhone phones. While most phones have a default 64 GB storage space, micro SD cards can be used to expand the storage capacity. 

Security Measures

You need an Android or iPhone with strong security. Which one is the safer choice? The answer is unclear. 

iOS security has two core features. Apple tightly controls everything, from hardware to software. This means constant monitoring of every app uploaded to the App Store, preventing the danger of downloading malicious apps.  

andoird vs iphone security

Moreover, iOS gives great support to older iPhones which means the firmware gets regular updates even after years of release. This means that your latest software will be able to run with the new security fixes. 

For the Android platform, there is an issue with device fragmentation. There are tons of devices out there from various manufactures. Each of the devices has a specific Android version, and mostly it’s not the latest version. The flagship et updates, but that too takes time. 

The problem with this model is that security patches must be sent to various hardware and software, which results in potential security risks. One advantage is that Andoird loopholes are easily discovered and resolved.

In previous years, Google innovated to make their devices strong by asking for individuals’ permission from the user while accessing their internal memory and camera. This means that the user doesn’t have to give permissions during the app installation process. And after Android N, apps automatically get updates in the background. 

For daily security, there are fingerprint readers, which you’ll find on both iPhone and Android phones. This is the perfect solution for people who don’t want to fuss with the password or a PIN code every time.  

The iOS vs. Android debate involves different security approaches, so which one is better? Well, the answer is both. Both platforms sometimes have vulnerabilities that need to be addressed, and security patches and updates take care of this. 

Who Offer Better App Selection? 

Previously, iOS had mastered this category. The Apple App Store had a winning market share over Android phones, especially in the United States. However, the Google Play store has the most market share with the robust app selection for every platform.  

Both Android and iOS might be equal in terms of apps, but in iOS, and launched first. The reasons behind it are that there are only a handful of models on iOS that needs to be tested. With Android, there are several screen resolutions which along with other technical specs that require announcement before launch.

Most apps that include Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint work seamlessly with both platforms for startups and small business owners. 

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UI/UX Design 

If UI/UX is important to you, it is safe to say that both Andoird and iOS platforms are user-friendly. Previously, iOS had precedence over Andoird, but recent advancements have eliminated those barriers. 

Most smartphones respond rapidly to gestures and taps on the screen. Regardless of what changes are made to the Apple ecosystem, however, the rule of thumb is that if you want a better experience on all your devices, you’ll need to install iOS. Android is ideal for people who prefer to customize their experience.

iphone vs android ui/ux design

Android users can customize everything about their user experiences. Their applications enable them to use widgets to display a wide range of information, and they can also completely alter the look by selecting from different launchers. Also, you can change which apps are the defaults for specific functions, which is, of course, something Apple and the software packages don’t offer.

Each platform comes with a voice-activated personal assistant. Siri lets you complete dozens of other tasks without a finger ever needing to be lifted, among them saving notes & reminders, drafting emails, and retrieving driving directions. A similar feature set is available in Google Assistant.

There are too numerous features to go through to determine which platform is best for you. 

Cost For Each

One of the primary considerations in choosing whether to go with an iPhone or an Android is the price.

The price of Pixel’s flagship phone is $899 which is expensive. Contrasted with the $1,099 cost of the iPhone 11 Pro, it looks significantly less expensive better. The more affordable iPhone 11 is for $699, while the original Pixel 4 can be bought for $799. The prior models are still functional and usually cost several hundred dollars less.

There are also thousands of Android phones from many different manufacturers available. Due to this, the prices of devices vary widely, while Apple’s ecosystem is tightly controlled, making it difficult to find competition among prices. 

iPhone Vs Android: It’s Your Choice 

In the end, if you are running a business, it is totally up to you to choose whichever platform is right for your business. From a progressive point of view, it is better that you select both platforms. 

iOS-powered iPhones are a good option for Apple users whose computers run Mac OS because they can communicate seamlessly. iPhones are more secured along with user-friendly features like Siki.

Furthermore, iPhones are feature-packed devices with a strong sense of security and some handy features like Siri.

The Google Android operating system is popular amongst most users since it offers an array of features. There are more Android smartphone options than iPhones, which allows you to choose the device that might be best suited for your business. Also, iPhones are more expensive than budget Android phones on the market.

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