How Building a CRM System Can Boost Your Marketing ROI?

How Building a CRM System Can Boost Your Marketing ROI?

Since the previous two years, digital interaction has crossed a turning point, with customers connecting more digitally than in person. A recent study by Statista revealed digital transformation as the number one priority of businesses to increase operational efficiency.  To adapt to the epidemic and its related constraints, fast digital acceleration was first viewed as a temporary remedy. As time passed, though, it became evident that it was here to stay.

In the digital age, unfathomable amounts of customer data have been generated and continue to be generated. The data can be gathered from the first search all the way through to post-sale follow-up. It’s largely useless for marketers unless they can use it effectively.

Why automation is vital for the future of business?

Automation plays a vital role here. When you feed the data into a customer relationship management platform (CRM), the data can be automated in several ways that will improve your marketing ROI. Fortunately, automation does not have to be complex, and you can get started right now by taking a few simple steps. A report by Grand View predicts that the CRM market will grow to $80 Billion by 2025

Here are some of the many rewards reaped by automation tools:

Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

A CRM will give you a comprehensive view of your customers.  Knowing their needs and wants allows you to tailor your marketing to them. By doing this, you can show them the right content, assets, and messages at the right time in the right channel. 

As a result, the customer receives exactly what they want at the right time. And a recent study by Walker reports that 86% of the consumers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience.

Attracting Returning Customers

The ability to attract repeat customers is a continuation of that benefit. Providing such detailed personalization allows you to maintain ongoing, open-ended relationships.

Improve Lead Conversion Rates

Customer engagement rises when personalization is based on detailed data. You’re able to convert more leads if you engage more customers through automation.

Cherish Customer Loyalty

By automating loyalty programs, CRM Loyalty Management makes it easy to reward your customers. A personalized shopping experience fosters customer loyalty.

Accelerate Execution Speed

By automating, you not only save time, but you are also able to work faster, which means you have more time to focus on other important tasks.

Optimize Ad Buying

You can create highly customizable audience segments and feed them directly into the world’s largest social networks. It’s easy to segment as well, as you can ask the CRM to find customers like your best customers. If you don’t want to spend money on ads on newly acquired leads, you can funnel them into a new segment in the meantime.

Take part in the automation revolution

You might feel overwhelmed if you’re new to marketing data automation. It’s important to understand what kinds of marketing data can be automated before you begin. In short, almost everything can be automated. You can automate a process if you can write it down on paper. 83% of the decision-makers believe that workflow automation is the first step towards digital transformation.

Taking an eagle-eye view of your current processes and operations is a great way to determine what needs to be automated. The first thing you need to do is identify what takes up most time when executing campaigns. It can take a lot of time without automation to find similarities among customers or to create segmented audiences. You must conduct research and do your due diligence, identify these procedural weaknesses, and determine if you can automate these processes through CRM.

No need to rush, take your time

One of the common mistakes organizations make when they discover the power of automation is trying to do too much at once. 

Platforms such as these are investments in your business and are designed to become your mainstays. Thus, you should start slowly and examine your current processes and systems. By doing this, you should be able to determine which product or combination of products will serve your needs best.

However, these products can only provide you with high-quality information if your data is good. Customer relationship management (CRM) enables you to keep a record of past purchases, demographic data, customer preferences, key contacts, and any problems the customer may have experienced. CRMs that offer superior customer service goes even further, tracking clients and leads throughout the marketing funnel. Having a high-quality data set will allow you to benefit from automation, which will improve your marketing ROI.

Are you ready to sell more, smarter, and quicker? 

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