Finding that perfect balance between client experience and a quick Google Page Speed Insights score can be quite precarious.

It took us long stretches of work to achieve our perfect score of 100/100.

The formula for each site will be different there is definitely not a one-estimate fits-all approach.

Be prepared to break your site. On the off chance that you don’t, you probably aren’t making enough of an effort.

Here are seven things we did to accomplish this.

Note: All our tests were done on a staging/development webpage and later relocated to our live site. Our site is assembled utilizing WordPress, running the most recent WordPress build with the Salient subject.

Note: All of our tests were done on a staging/development webpage and later relocated to our live site.

1. DNS

We utilize Cloudflare, however, no of its speed optimization.

We found in our tests that it was slower.

In case you’re in a common facilitating condition, at that point, Cloudflare will probably encourage a great deal.

Be that as it may, for us specifically, with a devoted server, it was better with everything turned off.

In the event that you have no skills or time to introduce Cloudflare as an alternative, you can utilize facilitating suppliers, for example, WP-Engine, Presslabs, They accompany worked in server reserve and CDN arrangement.

2. Quicker WordPress

The benchmark is 0.2 seconds. Anything over that and Google marks you down.

Our site keeps running on a high spec committed server with a bunch of records. A large portion of what you read online will recommend you change to a quicker WordPress have (with associated connections) or, in other words, way, however I wasn’t prepared to abandon our own condition without at any rate attempting.

Having a great deal of server administrator experience I turned off any superfluous administrations running on the server to enable the increase to speed. Be that as it may, that didn’t have a considerable measure of effect.

The greatest contrast we saw to reduce server reaction time was to change to PHP 7. Not all hosts bolster PHP 7, but rather, fortunately, since we have our own locales, we do.

Blended reports online demonstrate a 20 to 50 percent speed increase in changing to PHP 7. Notwithstanding the genuine rate, we had the requirement for speed and needed to test it out.

If you don’t realize what adaptation of PHP you are running, introduce this module and you will see it in your “At a Glance” on your Admin Dashboard.

Before you go further, you have to check the site is perfect. Fortunately, there is a PHP compatibility checker module you can download for WordPress which look over your code and distinguishes any issues with changing to PHP 7.

The outcomes demonstrated a couple of things that required tending to, which we rapidly dealt with. We were at long last prepared to change to PHP 7.

With a specific end goal to change, from WHM you get to the “Multi PHP Manager”, select the site you need and change the PHP Version. On the off chance that you don’t approach WHM, ask your server administrators, however, ensure you are doing it on a test/development condition it’s not best practice to break your creation site.

3. Enhance Images

All sites have picture optimization issues. There are different ways you can get this settled.

  • Install server add-on per Google proposal.
  • Using PHP worked in library ImageMagic
  • Using outsider APIs, for example, Tinypng, ShortPixel or

4. Minify

There are plenty of modules that arrangement inside minification of JS and CSS records. The ones we see the most are Autoptimize and Better WordPress Minify.

Utilizing Autoptimize totally botched the site and contact shapes. Legend sliders and general usefulness on the site broke.

To put it plainly, we got a decent PageSpeed score, however, the site wasn’t usable.

So we settled on Better WordPress Minify, which permits more noteworthy control and empowers you to pick and pick what to do with every JS and CSS record. Designing this took the longest, moving contents around, watching that the site works accurately, and afterwards rerunning the test.

We kept a log of each change and announced back on each change and what the effect was on Google PageSpeed. With such a large number of factors to tune, it’s best to log it to quantify circumstances and end results. Each webpage will be different, so tweak for your particular site.

5. Try not to be a Plugin Hoarder

In the event that you utilize CMS like WordPress, Joomla, and so forth., at that point you should abstain from utilizing an excessive number of modules.

More modules = a slower site.

Evacuate any fat. Delete or disable modules that aren’t being utilized. You can do little changes utilizing custom coding as opposed to introducing beast modules which stack 2-3 JavaScript or CSS documents.

For example, If you take a gander at this source you will discover numerous straightforward changes you can simply reorder to abstain from introducing modules.


A portion of these technical aspects is regularly neglected. Likewise, don’t be reluctant to change things around and set yourself up to test a few variants of code on your site.

Achieving a high page speed score is essential to SEO nowadays, with the increase of cell phone usage. So drive yourself to get the sacred 100/100 page speed score. It’s absolutely worth it.

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