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6 Must-Have Mobile App Features to Engage Users

From startups to large-scale corporations, mobile app development is something that needs serious attention. Business owners have realized the power of building mobile apps over developing mobile-friendly apps for the website.┬áIt’s not just that, a business should know and understand the necessary mobile app features to engage users.

There are countless mobile apps available, but generating an application that adds value to a business is the most demanding task. Companies can create significant revenue using specific applications. A business must consider the following six features of mobile applications.

1 – Social Integration

Mobile applications must integrate social media sharing. People share almost everything important to them over social media. Your application should allow signing up, liking, commenting, or sharing events via Facebook or other social media platforms, so that your users stay engaged directly within your application.

2 – Allow Customization

Apps should be safe and easy to use. Especially in social applications, allow them to get a strong understanding of the privacy settings. Let them personalize the application with respect to colors, fonts, themes which will engage the user more and they’ll come back for more.

3 – Reduce Clicks

Once the user is on your app, be diligent in eliminating any unnecessary clicks or taps to keep them there. The user should be asked as little information as possible. Signing up in detail often diverts their attention. A bad experience will undoubtedly discourage users, and if they don’t engage with you, they won’t return.

4 – Include Analytics

In small businesses, tracking and identifying users’ actions and experiences is the ultimate requirement. Having an analytics platform integrated into your mobile application is the best way to accomplish this goal. Your business will benefit more from tracking & improving their experience rather than worrying about some random data.

5 – Maintain Relevancy

You should be able to gain access to your business app through your website. Your content should be relevant to the user and add value to their experience. Hundreds of business apps succeed in representing the business virtually but fail to promote the product/service they intend to offer with the platform. Provide a rich and memorable experience.

6 – Feedback system

It has proven beneficial for many businesses to get user feedback. The first thing you should do is to allow your users to provide feedback. It is also one of the easiest ways to receive consumer feedback and suggestions that will aid the development of the application in the future.

Closing note

Any business – whether big or small – eventually needs a mobile app so that customers can contact them no matter where they are. Take advantage of some of your app’s less popular features to connect with your customers engaging necessary. By adding these mobile app features it gets easy for businesses to scale faster.

If you want a user-friendly, customized, and engaging app feel free to leave us a message. 

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