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Application Design

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Our team of application architects will design a scalable and secure web and mobile application architecture that ensures the ability to continuously deploy new capability and improve application sophistication through continuous integration.

Select the proper web application framework

Web application frameworks have become increasingly sophisticated incorporating more than just traditional development technologies such as PHP, Java, .NET, Ruby. Our team's experience in developing advanced, scalable web and mobile applications helps us select both the core development framework and necessary application specific technologies for multimedia, social, mobile and service integration for your particular industry's needs.

Define the proper data management framework

Real-time data analysis, sophisticated data interactions and complex data security requirements are driving a new breed of data management systems such as hadoop, cassandra, mongodb in order to keep up with the demands in this rapidly changing technology area. Our data architects have amassed years of experience in ensuring both corporate and consumer data systems can be properly architected and maintained to meet the most advanced and demanding performance and security requirements.

Define the proper mobile framework

No area of application development is advancing more rapidly in its demands for complexity and sophistication and the enablement of a cross-platform seamless user experience. Our team's ability to enable an elegant user experience acrossed your web and mobile application framework will permit you to create the most amazing user experience.