Why prefer a software development companys Custom software over off-the-shelf software

Custom software design is a special design of software applications used by a software development company to address a particular user or group of users with special emphasis on their needs. On the other hand, off-the-shelf software is rather general and conventional software to address users on a broad level with little or no emphasis on what the user exactly wants.

Software development companies throughout US as well as in other parts of the world mainly create off-the-shelf software but they also assign a special team of programmers for the development of certain custom software for a specific client also. That particular software is entitled to entertain that specified client only and no one else.

A great many organizations in and around the US prefer custom software of a software development company over off-the-shelf software because simply, custom software comes up with certain aspects that some on-the-whole off-the-shelf software doesn’t. It shows an increment in the level of productivity because the software application designed using custom software is most likely to comprise of the organizations desired features.

Since custom software is created by a software development company upon special instructions of the client, that is why its entire expenses exceed the expenses that of off-the-shelf software. That is one drawback.

Custom software is usually developed by a software development company that promises the least cost that other companies offer to the client. The feasibility for the client in preferring custom software is that it can make a contract with the company for a specific program and might as well switch to a company that has a better offer, if not satiated.

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