Top 5 Apps Built with React-Native


In the world of multipurpose application developments, we’re continually searching for quick advancement cycles, quicker time to situating, and more prominent application performance. With two working frameworks overwhelming the scene, undertakings making versatile applications regularly stand up to a tradeoff: applications that give a prevalent customer experience or applications that are speedier to create and kept running on more platforms and devices?

The concept of creating apps utilizing just a single paradigm for all platforms sounds somewhat extraordinary. However, React Native apps, regardless of its newness, permits quickening the route toward building applications crosswise over various stages, because of the probability of reusing most of the code between them.

What is React Native?

React Native apps is a native version of the popular web library of a similar name and its primary purpose is to convey the power of React to native mobile apps development.

React Native components are unadulterated, symptom-free capacities that arrival what the perspectives look like anytime. Consequently, it is easier to write state-dependent perspectives, as you don’t need to think about updating the view when the state changes since the framework do this for you.

What reason are the biggest organizations utilizing React Native for?

1. Facebook and React Native

React Native commenced as Facebook’s hackathon venture developed in light of the organization’s needs. Facebook needed to bring every one of the benefits of web development, for example, brisk cycles and having a solitary group develop the entire item to mobile. That is the means by which React Native was brought to life and leveraged in mobile app development for the two iOS and Android apps.

For what reason did they choose React Native?

Originally, Facebook just developed React Native to support iOS. However, with its ongoing support of the Android operating framework, the library would now be able to provide mobile UIs for the two platforms. Ads Manager Application of Facebook has been built on React Native, both the iOS and Android versions. Both the versions were developed by the same development team.

React Native has been made as an Open Source Framework with the impeccable possibility that different platforms like Windows or other OS could be built by the development community.


Performance improvements: Events Dashboard startup is currently twice as quick. Most by far of the advances made were done at the structure level, which decides your React Native application will consequently profit when exchanging to the most recent adaptation of React Native app.

2. Walmart and React Native

Walmart has proved its original charm by developing on Node.JS but a few years later they adopted React Native as Mobile App Development resource.

Walmart figured out how to enhance the performance of the app on the two iOS and Android by utilizing fewer assets and inside shorter time traverse. 96% of the code is shared between multiple platforms while skills and experience of developers were tested across the association.

For what reason did they choose React Native?

Walmart points extremely high, endeavoring to wind up the world’s biggest online retailer. With such enormous objectives, the organization needs to take intense moves that include higher hazard keeping in mind the end goal to pick up an upper hand. That is the reason they always look for the approaches to enhance client encounter by attempting new advancements.


React Native allows for incredible performance, about indistinguishable to native apps, and to a great degree smooth activities.

3. Bloomberg and React Native

Bloomberg’s new purchaser mobile application for iOS and Android gives customers a streamlined, intelligent involvement with easy to-get to customized substance, recordings and live feeds included across Bloomberg’s Media. To develop the application, the organization utilized an exceptional mobile app development framework. A building group at Bloomberg’s NewYork City headquarters produced the app utilizing React Native app innovation, the essential apparatus that really conveys on the guarantee of cross-stage native app development.

For what reason did they choose React Native?

The shopper mobile app was enormous undertaking since we needed to change the whole association to React Native” says Gabriel Lew, a senior application design at Bloomberg office who drove the development collaborations.

Another preferred standpoint of React Native is that it mechanizes code invigorates, quickening the arrival of new item includes. Rather than recompiling, your app reloads in a split second.

4. Instagram and React Native

Instagram Team acknowledged the test to expose React Native into their current native applications starting from the most basic view you can think of: the Push Notification which was basically used as the WebView. It didn’t require building navigation infrastructure, as UI was very straightforward.

For what reason did they choose React Native?

The dev group at Instagram confronted a couple of issues in transit, however they generously improved developer speed. 85% to 99% of the code was shared amongst Android and iOS apps, contingent upon items; along these lines, the group could convey the app substantially faster than they would have with a native arrangement.

5. SoundCloud Pulse and React Native

Sound Cloud Pulse is an application for makers that encourages them to deal with their records and keep their community murmuring. At the point when the organization began planning the second arrangement of native apps, they confronted a couple of obstacles. iOS developers were difficult to discover and they would not like to have an immense hole between the iOS and Android discharges. Thusly, an independent research group began to run client testing sessions with React Native based prototypes. (Learn more: IT Team Augmentation)

For what reason did they choose React Native?

Their involvement with the framework was for the most part positive. Developers thought that it was easier to work on a React Native-construct application than in light of a native application. In addition, they were capable of building the application independent from anyone else without frequent input from specific mobile developers.

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