SQL developers responsibilities

Structured Query Language is a special purpose programming language which is designed to handle data in a RDMS or RDSMS.

With the increasing projects in SQL, a number of developers have adopted development with this language and many companies are also hiring SQL developers now.

There are certain responsibilities associated with those who develop in SQL. Companies expect SQL developers to meet a particular criterion.

First of all, SQL developer must form Entity Relationship (ER) Diagrams to the database that he has proposed.

SQL developers should also create database objects. Database objects include tables, views, stored procedures and other things.

One more thing that must be taken into account by developers is that they must keep all eyes open for potential blocking and deadlocking. Their coding must take care of all those aspects.

The functions must be created in a way that it fulfills all requisites of custom functionality and the codes must be written with special consideration to all security issues.

In some companies developers in SQL are also responsible for participation in creation and development of Data warehouses, compose reports in SQL server reporting services, creating cubes in SQL Server Analysis Services etc.

The list of responsibilities of SQL developers can be a very exhaustive one. This blog covers only a small fraction of duties an SQL developer might have. These duties may vary company to company but in general these are the few basic tasks every developer working with SQL must be well-versed in.

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