Micro Apps The World of App Development is going Micro

Have you ever thought of how one app can do so much for you? Well, of course, you have! However, sometimes you don’t want as much from an app as compared to what it does. This is where app developers realize that maybe they’re giving out too much. Let’s have a look at what was trying to say.

Let’s say John from the boy scouts needed an app to tell him the way to the park. The app that he has installed on his phone has everything there is to have, from real time satellite view, to communicative GPS, a tracker that tells you all business information around him including their phone numbers, latest pictures of the restaurants he passes by, their reviews and latest updates and pretty much everything there is to know. But hey, at the end of the day John only wanted to know the GPS while the application contained everything he never asked for. This basically resulted in bloated applications that probably caused the phone to crash a lot. It’s possible that the phone might even be underperforming from now on. Whats the answer? Micro Apps.

What are Micro Apps?

Micro Apps are custom applications that are developed solely for the purpose of endorsing small yet new functions that you need. Of course getting a super computing app when all you need is a calculator would be a waste of time for you. This is one of the many reasons why Micro Apps are currently more successful over traditional applications.

People like things simple and Micro Apps keep it as simple as it can get for you. Consequently, Micro Apps are easy to develop on the developer end as well. Custom Application Development isn’t always very easy but with Micro Apps, it can be both easy and affective.

According to Peter Yared, an avid Tech Crunch contributor Micro Apps are the future for custom App Development. Peter writes The beauty of micro services is that they are incredibly easy to create, deploy and share. New and existing applications can easily call numerous external and internal micro services. Naysayers correctly point out the micro services can too easily propagate like mushrooms, fail to scale and are hard to share and discover. However, these are problems that should be corralled by policy within an enterprise, rather than heavy-handed technology.

Making it easy for apps to organically communicate with each other has spawned a new generation of app creation and delivery that has made it far easier for both enterprises and software vendors to accelerate a new generation of applications.

We certainly think Micro Apps are going to change the world for good and we think Peter Yared believes in what we think. Custom app development companies have always been in search for such solutions and now that it’s here, it seems both the client and the companies will benefit consequently.

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