Levels of stories and specs on Laravel framework

Laravel is a web application framework for a server side scripting language called PHP. Due to its precise and updated documentation as well as a simplified demeanor of coding, this framework has gained a lot of notoriety among developers circles nowadays. Laravel framework  can be used parallel to a behavior design development approach for developing applications which are just as what the client envisioned.

Just as deemed for any sort of code, in Laravel also, developers are advised to ask the most basic question to themselves:

What would possibly be the impact of this particular line of code

Following this question, developers working in the environment of Laravel framework must develop such a functional suite that lives up to the rough sketch that the client has in his mind. This is the first level of stories and specs

One of the perks that a developer may enjoy at this stage is that in functional suite, developer gets access to Laravel application. This is a convenience for the developer as he would not have any trouble distinguishing between the environments and also run time becomes faster by three folds. Functional suite derives its stories from Behat.

Then there comes the integration suite into play that tests the major component of the application. It may or may not have access to Laravel framework but is acceptable. Behat stories and PhpSpec specs mix together to compose an integration suite.

Lastly unit tests which are written in PhpSpec will test the divisions of application core.

These four levels provide a sound base for our application that is being developed using Laravel framework .

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