Laravel as building block for web applications

Laravel as building block for web applications

When one talks about web application development, a number of options arise. The development of a web application can be carried out using PHP framework, SQL framework, SYMFONY framework and much more. However, nowadays a rendition of PHP framework by the name of Laravel has come forth as most web application developers preference.


So what is exactly Laravel?

It is a free, open-source PHP web application framework. This framework is basically designed for the web applications that are MVCs (model view controller). It is gaining a lot of momentum these days and rightly so. The reasons for its rising notoriety are several.

First off, Laravel reduces a developers misery by enabling the developer write codes in a simple syntax and not something that is awfully subtle.

Another main reason is that it is properly documented and its documentation is always updated before a new version is released out in the market.

Apart from being simple and well-documented, it also comes up with a variety of functions that make this framework more preferable for the developers. These functions include Bundles which are add-on packages that one can download and plug into Laravel installations, Eloquent ORM which eases the tasks on database records, built in database migrations which are a great utility to work with, for a developer.

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Laravel earns a reputable position in the domain of frameworks for web application due to its simplicity, documentation and features that make development within the framework worthwhile. It has recently been listed as the best PHP framework for the year 2013.