coping with symfony framework versions

Coping with SYMFONY framework versions

Internet has taken the world communication on an altogether different course. Nowadays, even the simplest of businesses have a website of their own and thereby web development has also become a most sought after thing. In this race against time web developers are constantly improvising which is precisely why a web developer is always looking for efficient web development methodology. Nowadays a PHP framework that grabs attention of most web developers is SYMFONY framework.

SYMFONY framework

A framework is basically an approach or step by step guideline to carry out a particular task. SMYFONY framework although launched some two or three years ago, has improvised over the time. So, if you are a web developer looking around to get your hands on but confused how to make most of SYMFONY framework, you ought not worry as here we have compiled a brief guide.

The releases rely on a time-based model. Every new version comes out after a span of at least six months as the development cycle is segregated as four months for enhancement of the previous version, addition or removal of features etc and then two months in order to fix bugs, prepare the ground for release etc.

SYMFONY framework

Each version is maintained before the next one comes out but in two phases. One being end of maintenance which refers to the halt regarding bug fixes and security fixes. The other one being end of life which means that after this period not even the security threats will be resolved by the host.

SYMFONY framework is a good choice mainly because it upgrades frequently and the division of maintenance phases also helps a developer work in a secure environment.