5 reasons why a slice of CakePHP framework development is still everybodys favorite

CakePHP is a unique and popular framework for PHP development. PHP is so far deemed as one of the most favorite languages in the programming realm as it has now also enabled programmers to write codes using Object-oriented Programming (OOP) which was previously an idiosyncrasy of mainstream languages like C++ and Java. CakePHP framework development is like a sumptuous cake (as the name of this framework implies) of which developers love to take a slice of, again and again.

  • MVC-like Architecture:

CakePHP comes with an MVC-like Architecture hence it is apprehended easily by developers.

  • Default Helpers :

CakePHP framework development is also easier due to the evergreen helpers of this framework. HTML, JavaScript and AJAX are only to name a few. Crux of the matter, when it comes down to creation of views, CakePHP default helpers can assist big time.

  • Customization of the batter:

A delicious cake owes its taste to the tasty batter from which it is made. Likewise, CakePHP also lets developers to test their own recipes for a perfect creation.

  • Time saver:

They say time is money and CakePHP framework development ensures developers investment of time is justified by the results.

  • Documentation and Community:

CakePHP enjoys the backing of good documentation and an active community.

CakePHP framework development is much like baking and probably that is why it bears a Cake in its name. It’s a mature framework which allows you to make applications with minimal lines of code.

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