5 reasons why a game software development company in us is booming

5 reasons why a game Software Development Company in US is booming

Games have always been sought after by people for stress relief and enjoyment purposes. Earlier it used to be sports like soccer, baseball etc or indoor board games. Nowadays, with everything digitalized, games have also transformed from being the games that involve physical involvement to the virtual, social or video games played on a PC or smartphone. The increasing popularity of video and social games has compelled every software development company to ponder over video game software development.

There are many reasons as to why a video and/or social game software development company in US is flourishing lately but we shortlist 5 noteworthy statistics which are substantial to indicate the exogenous of such video game software development companies.

  • 07 million Americans purchased computer software/hardware in Spring 2014. [Statista 2015]
  • 59% of Americans play video games. [Entertainment software association]
  • Popularity of social games increased by 55% between 2012 and 2013. [Entertainment software association]
  • Four out of every 5 American household is in possession of a device used to play video or social games. [Entertainment software association]
  • An average American spends 162 minutes per day on his/her mobile phone device. [Geek Wire]

The statistics obtained over the past few years make up a strong justification, by shedding light on consumers penchant for gaming software, that a software development company, especially in the US, has a bright scope if it deals in gaming software or relevant avenue of software development.