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5 Factors Why An eCommerce Mobile App Is Crucial For Your Business

A recent study shows that 40% of B2B sales are driven by mobile devices. According to BigCommerce, the B2B eCommerce market size was estimated to be $6.7 trillion in 2020, and it is bound to increase exponentially in the coming years. 

It’s a sign that industry buyers want an easy, transparent, straightforward buying process. Plus, more people are shopping on their phones lately.

In the competitive cooperative market, the goal is to provide value faster than the competition by developing hi-end mobile-friendly B2B experiences. In this blog post, we’ll explore why every hi-end business needs an eCommerce mobile app to succeed. 

1. Buyers Prefer B2B eCommerce Mobile App

Google reports that today’s typical B2B buyer is under 35 and has decision-making power typically limited to senior executives. The millennial generation is digitally savvy and prefers to make purchases on a mobile device.

Generally, B2C buyers are less price-conscious than B2C buyers. To win and retain customers, eCommerce stores must deliver added value. Low prices and endless features aren’t enough. You need to optimize the entire process, from research to delivery.

With the right business-focused features, a B2B eCommerce mobile app can do exactly that. The buying process is more fluid and enjoyable, with a more accessible experience and extra features. Consequently, 76% of people think that a mobile app is better than a mobile website. 

2. Buyers Prefer B2B eCommerce Mobile App

Businesses aren’t necessarily looking for the absolute lowest price, as we have already discussed. Instead, they want to purchase quickly and easily.

Consider it this way. Customers are often in stores, on the road, or in busy offices. These people do not shop for fun. In addition, they don’t want to spend time ordering (repeat) items. You will be at the forefront of their minds if you provide an intuitive B2B eCommerce mobile app.

These and other time-saving and attention-grabbing features of B2B mobile apps will ease the lives of B2B buyers.

By using one B2B mobile app, customers can access all the information required for repeat purchases instead of jumping between emails and your site.

3. A Mobile App Increases Repeat Purchase & Customer Loyalty 

B2B business success depends on retaining customers. While big brands depend on customer churn to survive and thrive, B2B brands rely on regular purchases.

In this regard, you might be pleased to learn that people are twice as likely to return to a mobile app within 30 days as they are to a mobile website. People also spend 27% more per session on mobile apps.

Customers are constantly reminded of your app and brand when they use a mobile application. Your app logo will appear on their home screen every time they check their phone (up to 200 times per day!). Push notifications are also an efficient way to inform buyers of new products in stock and remind them of your brand.

4. An eCommerce Mobile App Decreases Cart Abandonment Rate

The most significant competitor of a corporate business isn’t necessarily another company. They’re facing conversion friction on their mobile websites.

70% of shopping carts are abandoned before a purchase is made, according to more than 37 studies. This is due to various reasons, but many of them are related to poor experiences, such as poorly designed payment gateways. 

Native apps or PWAs (progressive web apps) can help you in this regard. By optimizing checkouts, businesses can easily save 20% of the time customers spend filling out long, complicated forms in their carts. As a result, you see more conversions (a 300% improvement over mobile websites).

5. B2B App Is Greater Than B2B Website

B2C vendors have a more challenging time recovering their investment.

In contrast, businesses make purchases less often and for less volume than their B2B counterparts. Therefore, B2B eCommerce mobile apps tend to pay for themselves faster, without being negative. 

Cooperative Computing is an example of a brand that you can trust with your app. You’ll have a dedicated team helping you succeed; when you have conditions like these, you can’t fail.

Final thoughts

Modern B2B businesses benefit significantly from B2B mobile eCommerce apps, as they deliver both ease of use and a quality mobile experience. With modern companies prioritizing value over cost, a B2B mobile app can be highly effective and necessary. 

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