4 Rules To Keep In Mind When Hiring A Web Hosting Service

There are many cases where a user had the worst experience from their web hosting provider. Its not a rare thing, to be honest. I know many people who complained about the poor experience they had with the web hosting services.

Choosing a web host wisely can be difficult. With so many bad hosts crawling on the web hosting desert, picking the right web host will need a lot more than this searching the best web host over the internet.

Ralph says,People tend to rush behind the services which are cheap and appealingly advertised. However, this could be a blunder.

So, I thought maybe there should be some guidelines on how to find the best web host, and I came up these 4 rules that will prevent you from hiring a bad web hosting provider.

Here are some factors you need to consider when choosing the web host for your website.

Dont Follow Any Advice Blindly

You must never rely on one or two pieces of advice from others when purchasing hosting services, no matter how great that offer looks. Most people that you talk to asking about the best hosting services, they dont really have any direct experience with the host they recommend. Some actually get paid by referring them to others. So dont fall into that trap. If someone recommends you a web host, search about them, talk to their previous and current client to know better about the host.

Say No To Constant Outages

Dont ever go for those hosts which have constant outages. Even if they come up with an excuse, there isnt any excuse for a web host which experiences frequent and lengthy outages. A good host will always have a redundancy plan in case of lengthy outages. Again collect information from previous and current clients about any outages, especially lengthy ones. Then make your decision.

Dont Go For A Web Hosting That That Doesnt Offer 99% Uptime

Stay away from hosts with less than 99% uptime. Although its never really the 99% we usually get from them. If outage exceeds more than 24 hours, start looking for other alternatives. Look for other potential web hosts with a good past experience. Web hosts such as Web Hosting Solutions Texas is a great option to start your hosting experience with.

Dont Rely On Web Hosts Backups

If your host goes down or gets bankrupt, they wont entertain you with any backups of your website. So you need to backup your website data every week. So, if in any case, you part ways with your web host, you have your backups to continue your business with another host.

One more thing you need to know before you go is that you should never register your domain name through your web host. Reason: If your website domain is registered through your host, and your host goes down or any other hostile scenario, then you would be able to switch your website to a new host. You have to change the domain name server information of your domain and point it to the new IP address. So, if it’s registered through your host, then you may not be able to access it and make changes.

The thing is that with the right web hosting services you wont be facing any of these issues. However, these 4 rules will help you when you encounter any bad hosting experience.

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