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Skye Closings

The Skye Closings' platform provides not only scheduling management but notary scoring and reporting to enable title companies and lenders the opportunity to pool data and use that data to identify notaries that are not performing to the necessary level required by the industry. It allows those notaries to seek additional training and also provides more opportunity to notaries that are meeting the expectations and providing error free service.

Skye Closings' system also provides secure delivery and return of documents containing non-public personal information between the notary and the title company. Moreover, Skye Closings' system also allows an opportunity for title companies, lenders and, most importantly, borrowers, to submit a complaint regarding a notary and allows for resolution of that complaint. A combination of the notary performance, completeness of necessary documents for registration and complaints are compiled by system user and result in a score for each notary, allowing the service provider notary to recognize where improvement is needed, and title companies and lenders to identify short comings with their service providers.

Skye Closings platform utilizes the following technologies to deliver outstanding results to the Users:

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