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For 18 years and counting, RANGER Wireless Solutions has served top wireless carriers. RANGER Wireless Solutions is a, state-of-the-art, facility-based company located in Dallas, TX. Their redundant SONUS Switch is capable of supporting 28,000 concurrent voice conversations.

When the subscriber is roaming on a foreign carrier’s network and needs the primary carrier’s help, that's the opportunity where Ranger can help. With the patented 611 Roaming Service™ from RANGER Wireless Solutions, the subscriber simply dials 611 and is seamlessly connected to the familiarity and good service of the home customer care center. Subscribers get the help they need. Carriers get improved satisfaction, loyalty and retention.

Cooperative Computing delivered the complete billing and invoicing system for Ranger Wireless. The application reads the CDR records, identifies the billable records and generates the invoices seamlessly and is capable of handling the billions of records generated by the Ranger switch. Our team feels proud in delivering one of the finest Big Data implementations in our history.

The system utilizes the following technologies to deliver the reliable and scalable results:

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