Solutions Architect

Job Description

Cooperative Computing is looking for a dynamic Solutions Architect with a deep understanding of backend and frontend, web, and mobile technologies who is proficient in coding for enterprise solutions with skills in the following areas:


  •          Responsible for assisting in the establishment of Software Architecture practice, and the adoption of an architecture and standards methodology
  •          Manages activities that take place during solution ideation, solution design, and solution implementation.
  •          Develops and executes solutions that further reduce the percentage of time spent on reactive work.
  •          Document all the solution architecture design and analysis work.
  •          Directs the identification and recommendation of appropriate solutions, upgrades, replacements, or decommissioning options incorporating business and
             technology products, and usability
  •          Reviews business context for solutions to company challenges as well as defining the vision and requirements for the solution, recommending potential
             options, selecting the most optimal option and developing a roadmap for the selected solution
  •          Communicates the architecture to the stakeholders and collaborates and coordinates with existing domain architects to formalize and adopt standards and
  •          Assures solutions not only fit the specific purpose but also closely align with the standards and guidelines of technology solutions.

Technical Skills

  •          Experience with back-end development (Java, Node js, PHP, .NET), including building RESTful APIs in a widely used programming language 
  •          Experience with mobile development, including React Native, iOS, and Android.
  •          Experience with Front-end technologies, including modern JavaScript frameworks (ReactJS, Angular, etc.)
  •          Experience with databases, both SQL and NoSQL
  •          Understanding of the enterprise cloud solutions – AWS, Azure Google Cloud, or IBM Cloud
  •          Hands-on skills in new emerging tech such as – voice & facial recognition, ML, and AI.
  •          Experience in ML Kit for Android & iOS SDK would be an additional skill.
  •          Good knowledge of the customer, user interface & experience
  •          Experience with efficient analysis of large datasets in a cloud environment
  •          Experience working collaboratively with software and data engineers.
  •          Expected to lead the design, development, testing, and documentation effort of enterprise applications and services.
  •          Work on backend architecture. Perform code reviews to ensure high quality and consistent coding practices.
  •          8+ years of experience in senior backend/frontend role, 5+ years of team management experience.
  •          4+ years of experience in Solution/Software Architect level
  •          Must have excellent written and verbal English communication skills.
  •          Positive attitude with an entrepreneurial spirit.
  •          An academic background in Computer Science (BSc or MSc) or equivalent
  •          Excellent interpersonal and communication skills with C-Level Executives.

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