some more methodologies a software development company may use

Some more methodologies a Software development company may use

In the previous article we had discussed that there are no hard and fast rules of software development and that a software development company may use any of these approaches. Previously we had discussed the Waterfall model, Software prototyping and Agile software development. In this article we continue from where we left and discuss a few more frequently used approaches.


  • Iterative Design:

Iterative design is also an approach that involves a repetitive procedure of prototyping, testing, analysis and eventually the polishing of a software development process or product.

It is so called because, in iterative design, iterations of a design are implemented to carry out a project.

  • Rapid Application Development:

Rapid application development method is the kind of approach that presses more upon development and focuses less on planning. Its most appropriate use is when the software to be designed by a software development company happens to be driven by user interface. RAD is also deemed as an alternative to the classical waterfall method.

  • Spiral model:

Apart from the other software development approaches, the spiral model involves a risk-driven procedure. The risk pattern involved with a particular software assignment determines the guidelines set out by spiral model to the software development company’s team for the adoption of elements for process models.

  • Extreme programming:

This methodology involves short development cycles and focuses on the improvisation of software quality.

Software development methodologies

A software development company may use any of these or previously discussed methodology but the end objective is the same. It is to develop a software that suits the client’s needs and at the same time, has room for further improvement.